Myth and Reality of Development Aid versus Corruption

The corruption crimes of the establishment, in all countries, give the impression of impunity to the population and are surely not the best paradigm to induce the population to respect fundamental laws. This effect can have a deep impact to an economy, creating a clime of bribery at all population levels: for example an average budget of a family in the Balkan has to take into account 25% of the income spent to briber local state officers, medical staff, education employees… This amount of money is comparable of a very high Value Added Tax.

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Some reports claim that corruption costs Africa nearly 150 billion dollars a year, compared to only 20 billion dollars donated to the continent in aid. As a hard hitting journalistic documentary, the film is presented truthfully, taking care not to make it didactic or to give it a ‘spin’, but to document the impact that a seemingly harmless bribe to a customs official ultimately has across the whole system.



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  1. We can assume that the cost of 150 billion dollars is very big amount as compare to 20 billion if this amount must invest in the same country they must huge profit. But for this development of the country firstly corruption must stop.

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